Welcome to YUNOKI Adm. Laywer Office

I guess you, who have arrived at this page, have some difficulty in exporting something from Japan.  My office offers some seivices useful for you.  I believe that the information on this page will be of your help.

Mailto: isamu@yunoki-office.biz 

Parameter Sheets
     Japan is one of the countries that throughly exercise trade control to prevent the spread of weapons.  Therefore, there are various rules when you want to export cargo from Japan.  It is one thing to judge before exporting whether the goods to be exported are regurated or not.  The parameter sheet shows the judgment result and the determination basis. 
My office can issue parameter sheets.  More than 500 sheets have been issued so far, all of them have been cleared.  If the problem you are facing is that there is no applicable parameter sheet, using my office will be the best solution.

Export license application
     When goods to be exported are regulated, you need getting export license from METI, Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry.  My office can apply for permission to the METI as your agent. 

Export clerk
     If you doesn't have a branch/sales office in Japan, a domestic representative is required for exporing.  There are two types of this.  One is "Proxy of creating document for customs clearance".  My office acts as your agent.  Another is "Contractor service".  My office becomes an exporter in law for your cargo and does anything required for the export.  You can choose any of the above types, but the latter is recommended if regulated goods are included in your cargo.